What I wore: crazy pants

This weekend was quite a blur: homework, amazing weather, a small road trip, acapella concert, and great company for it all.

This Saturday was actually an amazing weather day as well. 75 degrees!!! So of course, my mind was flowing with potential outfits for the day. What does one wear on the first perfect day of “almost summer” weather?! Crazy pants.


I found these pants hidden among clumps of clothes in the sale rack at Nordstrom. These patterned pants are not only chic and different, but totally comfy! The material is so light, it almost felt like I wasn’t wearing pants (awkward, but true)! I am in love with the pattern – it looks like water flowing down a stream!


But yes, pair any patterned slacks with a simple crop top for that simple, chic look. I also added a leather jacket to add some edge and protect myself from the light wind. This look is even transitional between a day or night look! Just add some sweet heels and a fancy clutch and you are ready to go out for the night!


Outfit details: pants – Nordstrom, top – gojane.com, sandals – Michael Kors

Stay fabulous,


What I wore: casual edge

The weather today was pure perfection in the city of Chicago today. As soon as I stepped outside the train station and felt the breeze and sunshine, I knew spring was finally here. But after such a long and cold winter, how does one transition into spring?!

Honestly, I feel like I transition into warmer weather a little slower than everyone else. People were already wearing shorts and tanktops today at 60 degrees while I’m still wearing at least a wool sweater! So getting ready this morning took a little thought and experimenting in my closet. How do I stay warm, yet cool at the same time on this amazing spring day? The answer: light layers, light colors, thick materials.

I’ve been obsessed with this chic, yet comfy casual look everyone has been sporting, whether it be fashion mags or blogger street style, I’m all about being comfy but adding an edge to my outfit. Today, I went a little edgy and somewhat masculine with my silhouette, with this H&M vest I’ve been dying to wear since December of last year. It was the main piece and inspiration behind my outfit of the day!


Originally $59.95, I was able to dcore this sweet piece for only $30. I love the texture and structure of the piece and the length makes it pass for an edgy spring coat. Layer this with a pair of light wash jeans, your favorite comfy sweater, and booties, then you’re all set for that perfect layered look without being too hot or too cold!


On top of that, add a little glamour to the look with some classic (yet funky) accessories! Seriously, a clutch works WONDERS for an outfit and adds instant glamour. I’ve been in love with the embossed python look at Michael Kors lately, I just had to have something in the python look. What could be better than a clutch?! It doubles up as a wallet and a going out bag, which I absolutely love.

Pair that with some arm candy, like my Tiffany & Co. charm bracelet (thank you, mom) and my two tone Michael Kors Bradshaw watch (which I won at work, yay!), and you have set the cherry on top.


Of course, you can mix and match this look for any other day. Maybe a skater skirt with a loose top and knee high socks or a short flowy dress with slip on sneakers to add a flirty feel to the vest could transform the look. Or even with some killer heels!! Oh with my new Jeffrey Campbell Litas it would be such a rockin’ look (I know JCs are almost overrated, but they’re such a basic style for me I’ll always love them).


With this outfit, I was able to happily stroll through my city, confident, comfy, and casual (yet still edgy of course!!)

full outfit details: jeans - Pacsun, booties - Charlotte Russe, sweater - BCBGMAXAZRIA, coat - H&M, clutch - Michael Kors

Stay fabulous,


Where I went: Chinatown, Chicago

After only three hours of sleep last night, I found myself bored, and fully awake, thinking about my recent visit to Chicago’s Chinatown.

My urban communication midterm is a group project in which I work with a group in class as well as in Milan, Italy. Each of our groups study our city’s Chinatown and we compare them. Our groups are specifically focusing on the usage of media in Chinatown. So for example, how are people using technology? Or what is playing on tv in the shops and restaurants? What types of media are present? etc etc.

Although it wasn’t my first time going to Chinatown, it was my first time actually looking at Chinatown as a tourist attraction. I never really noticed the surroundings and usage of media. Here are a couple of my favorite shots from that night:





Also, did anyone else know that Milan had a Chinatown?! I did not until this project. Can’t wait to share our conclusions with you later!

Stay fabulous,


First Post EVER.

Hello everyone!

My name is Chloe and I’m 20 years old (still can’t believe it). I’m currently attending DePaul  University in the wonderful city of Chicago majoring in Communication and Media and minoring in Spanish. I’m a happily committed girlfriend, huge food enthusiast, Disney movie lover, and a total shopaholic.

On top of all that, I’m always constantly thinking and talking to myself but I never really have the chance to share it all – there’s just too much at once! So quick solution, start a blog!

I hope to be sharing everything possible, whether it be my dreams and inspirations or random thoughts and creations from pure boredom. My blog is here to let people know that hey, we’re all a little weird. Let’s show it off.

Happy blogging to all!